This collective project, gathering scholars from different institutions (IRPA/KIK, UCL and KU Leuven), aims at conducting an iconological and anthropological research devoted to the late medieval and early modern liturgical heritage (ornamenta sacra) from the Southern Netherlands (1400-1700). It is concerned with different kinds of objects fundamental to the ceremonial, which occupied a central place in the religious art of the past. We will investigate the provenance, the (material, technical, stylistic, iconographic etc.) nature and the evolution of this production in order to better understand its religious, social and artistic importance for a time span characterized by profound transformations of the liturgy and by religious reforms and conflicts. The historical anthropology of the visual, the sensible and the ritual will offer a methodological framework within which we will consider the material and symbolic nature as well as the spatial and ritual context of these objects, so as to provide a renewed analysis of their forms and functions. Wendy Wauters conducts her doctoral research in the context of the Brain-Belspo project Ornamenta sacra.