In 2005, Wendy Wauters (°1983) obtained a master’s degree in visual arts at St. Lukas Brussels. She later enrolled in art history at the KU Leuven and subsequently graduated in 2017 with a thesis on early modern evocations of the healing and makeability of men who are overcome by temporal madness, stupidity or narheid, supervised by Prof. Barbara Baert and Prof. Jan Van der Stock (co-supervisor). She has worked as an intern at Fondation Custodia (Paris), as a student employee at Illuminare and as a scientific assistant at Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Antwerp).  

Since October 2017, she has been a PhD Candidate in art history at her alma mater. Her doctoral research fits in the context of the Brain-Belspo project Ornamenta sacra, a research collaboration of the KU Leuven, UCL and KIK-IRPA Brussels. In the framework of this collective project, Wauters conducts her study under the supervision of Prof. Barbara Baert. Her dissertation entitled Ornamenta sacra. Iconological Study of the Liturgical Heritage from the Southern Netherlands (c.1450-1566) aims to shed light on the sensory and ritual aspects of several undervalued liturgical objects. 

Wauters has published in Jaarboek Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen (2018) and has written several contributions for the exhibition catalogue In Search of Utopia: Art and Science in the Era of Thomas More (2016). She has been awarded the Olbrechts Prize 2018 for her master’s thesis Een oven vol van menig hoofd en zotten bol. The Olbrechts Prize is awarded every two years to a thesis related to popular culture.  




Kick off meeting OrnaSacra, national committee (© KIK-IRPA, photo Hervé Pigeolet)
Southern Netherlands, Mass of St Gregory, c. 1491-c. 1510 (© KIK-IRPA)