Hannah Iterbeke

Dra. Hannah Iterbeke
Junior Researcher

Hannah Iterbeke (°1993) completed her Master in Art History at the University of Leuven with a thesis entitled ‘Devotion to the Silk Flower: The Making and Meaning of Silk Flowers in Sixteenth-Century Enclosed Gardens of Northern Europe’ under the supervision of Professor Barbara Baert and Professor Lieve Watteeuw. In October 2015 Hannah started working as a scientific associate at Illuminare - Centre for the Study of Medieval Art (KU Leuven). 

Currently she is working on a doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Multiplied Sculpture, Multifarious Devotion: The Enclosed Gardens and the Production, Circulation and Function of ‘Moderate’ Images in the Low Countries (1450-1600)’ under the supervision of Prof. dr. Barbara Baert (Illuminare – Centre for the Study of Medieval Art | University of Leuven).