Studies in Iconology accepts original and interdisciplinary contributions in the broader field of art theory and art history. The series addresses an audience that seeks to understand any aspect and any deeper meaning of the visual medium along the history of mankind in the fields of philosophy, art history, theology and cultural anthropology. Studies in Iconology is a peer-reviewed series by Peeters Publishers.

1: Barbara Baert, Nymph. Motif, Phantom, Affect A Contribution to the Study of Aby Warburg (1866-1929) (2014)

2: Barbara Baert, Late Medieval Enclosed Gardens of the Low Countries. Contributions to Gender and Artistic Expression (2016)

3: Barbara Baert, ‘Locus Amoenus’ and the Sleeping Nymph: ‘Ekphrasis’, Silence and ‘Genius Loci’ (2016)

4: Barbara Baert, Nymph. Motif, Phantom, Affect. Part II: Aby Warburg’s (1866-1929) Butterflies as Art Historical Paradigms (2016)

5: Barbara Baert, Kairos or Occasion as Paradigm in the Visual Medium: “Nachleben”, Iconography, Hermeneutics (2016)

6: Barbara Baert, In Response to Echo: Beyond Mimesis or Dissolution as Scopic Regime (with Special Attention to Camouflage) (2016)

7: Barbara Baert, Revisiting Salome’s Dance in Medieval and Early Modern Iconology (2017)

8: Joseph Imorde, Carlo Dolci. A Refreshment (2017)

9: Adi Efal-Lautenschläger, Habitus as Method: Revisiting a Scholastic Theory of Art (2017)

10: Barbara Baert, About Stains or the Image as Residue (2017)

11: Larry Silver, Rembrandt and the Divine (2018)

12: Dominique Bauer, Place-Text-Trace: The Fragility of the Spatial Image (2018)

13: Barbara Baert, What about Enthusiasm? A Rehabilitation. Pentecost, Pygmalion, ‘Pathosformel’ (2019)

14: Barbara Baert and Stephanie Heremans, Fragments (2018)

15: Han Lamers, Afterlife of Antiquity. Anton Springer (1825-1891) on the Classical Tradition (2019)

16: Laura Tack, The Fortune of Gertrud Bing (1892-1964). A Fragmented Memoir of a Phantomlike Muse (2020)

17: Barbara Baert, The Weeping Rock. Revisiting Niobe through ‘Paragone’, ‘Pathosformel’ and Petrification (2020)

18: Barbara Baert, Signed ‘PAN’. Erwin Panofsky’s (1892-1968) The History of Art as a Humanistic Discipline (Princeton, 1938) (2020)

19: Barbara Baert, Petrifying Gazes. Danaë and the Uncanny (2021)

20: The Right Moment. Essays Offered to Barbara Baert, Laureate of the 2016 Francqui Prize in Human Sciences, on the Occasion of the Celebratory Symposium at the Francqui Foundation, Brussels, 18-19 October 2018 (2022)