Stephanie Heremans (°1993) is a PhD student in Art History at KU Leuven.
She works on the four-year project entitled “Kairós, or the Right Moment. Nachleben and Iconology” directed by prof. dr. Barbara Baert (supervisor, KU Leuven) and prof. dr. Han Lamers (co-supervisor, University of Oslo). The project is funded by the University of Leuven (2018-22), and it is concerned with the visual representation of Kairós and its transformations from antiquity to the Renaissance. Stephanie’s research focuses on the Warburgian School and its Forschungsgeschichte (esp. in relation to Kairós and Fortuna), and the Nachleben of Kairós in sixteenth-century emblematics.


In 2015-16, Stephanie held an internship at Illuminare – Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Art (KU Leuven) where she helped inventorying the archive of prof. dr. Jan Karel Steppe (1918-2009). In 2016-17, she assisted prof. dr. Barbara Baert as a student employee. Subsequently, after she received her MA in Art History from KU Leuven (2017), she started working part-time as a research assistant to prof. dr. Barbara Baert. Stephanie wrote her master’s thesis on Tanzwuth (dancing mania) and the veneration of John the Baptist in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (Brussels) in the late medieval and early modern period.