Rosalinde van de Velden (°1992) studied Visual Arts in ’s-Hertogenbosch and started pursuing her masters degree in Art History through the pre-master program offered at the University of Utrecht. She enrolled in the master program at Utrecht in 2020. Medieval art has always been her main field of interest. Rosalinde is looking forward to expanding her knowledge, especially oilluminated manuscripts, medieval sculpture and medieval art in a museum context. From February 2021 until June 2021 she will be working as an intern at Illuminare where she will assist Annelies Vogels with the preparations for the upcoming exhibitionImagining the Universe at M Leuven and To the Edge of Time at the University Library and the publication Big Bang – Imagining the Universe (Hannibal Books), projects that are being prepared within the context of BANG! Big Bang City Festival that takes place in Leuven in the autumn of 2021.