Luka Swinnen (°1999) works as an intern at Illuminare. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in Art History at KU Leuven. Her thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Katlijne Van der Stighelen and Prof. Barbara Baert, aims to justify the depiction of the Queen of Sheba in the painting Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (c.1645) by Jan Boeckhorst (c.1604-1668). To do so, she researches the different ways the Queen of Sheba has been depicted throughout Western European history.

At Illuminare, Luka assists Dr. Julie Beckers and Dra. Hannah De Moor in the editing of the book Taking Shape (Brepols), which will be published in December 2022. Furthermore, she aids Annelies Vogels in converting the past exhibition Imagining the Universe (M Leuven) to an online exhibition.