Jan Verheyen’s research interests focus on fifteenth-century painters in the Low Countries, their socio-economic background, and their relations with Italian artists and patrons. Jan (°1973) holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Ghent University (1995), a PhD in History from Ghent University (2024), and a PhD in Art History from KU Leuven (2024).


His PhD dissertation focused on archival and technical research on Pieter Cristus and his peers. His publications reflect an interest in archival-based art-historical research, closely collaborating with historians. His current research is focused on the technical analysis of paintings

in the circle of Pieter Cristus. This research project is funded by an FWO Fellowship. In February 2024, he led an international multidisciplinary team in Dijon, investigating the Portrait of Philip the Good, with financial support from HS Iperion.