Dagmar Thielen (°1995) completed her master’s degree in art history at KU Leuven in 2021 with a thesis on the Ghent Altarpiece as Gesamtkunstwerk.
During her studies, Dagmar held an internship at the Centre for the Study of Flemish Primitives (KIK-IRPA), published two monographs on the Nachleben of the polyptych as a Pathosformel in contemporary art (WBooks, Zwolle; Kerber Verlag, Berlin) and was guest curator at the Limburgs Museum (Venlo, the Netherlands).
Currently, Dagmar is preparing a PhD outline at the Faculty of Arts. In her doctoral research, she will focus on the ideological and intermedial reception and appreciation of the medieval illumination in Western art and art history between 1750 and 1914 ( supervisor Prof. dr. Lieve Watteeuw).
In addition to her doctoral research, Dagmar works as junior curator at museum van Bommel van Dam (Venlo) and is preparing a monograph on the pictorial Leitmotif and the tradition of the sublime in contemporary art (WBooks Zwolle).