Published: “The Gaze from Above”

When gazing into the vast expanse of ‘the universe’, humankind experiences the universal desire to fathom the mystery of its creation. We utilize our unique ability to express ourselves through artistic means to make this mystery tangible, transmuting the secrets of the cosmos into stunning objects and ingenious symbols. Through a deep engagement with recent…

Published: “Die Legendare aus der Rue neuve Nostre Dame”

Departing from research on the complex manufacturing processes then characteristic of the commercial Parisian manuscript production, the present study examines the meaning and function of the mostly conventional and formulaic miniatures within the overall structure of the manuscripts. The traditions of illustrated French legendaries and the Legenda aurea in particular serve as a background against which the present study discusses pictorial strategies that allowed book producers and patrons to add or to stress certain layers of meaning in well-known texts.