Since 1932, the Francqui Foundation of Belgium annually awards the Francqui Prize. This important recognition is granted by an international jury, to a Belgian scientist under the age of 50. The Francqui Prize, alternating between Medicine, Exact Sciences and Humanities is given by his Majesty the King of Belgium during a ceremony which takes place at the University Foundation in Brussels.

The Francqui Prize is the highest and most prestigious award in Belgium. The 2016 Francqui Prize was given to Professor Barbara Baert (KU Leuven – University of Leuven). The Francqui Laureate is invited to organize an international scientific symposium in his field, supported by the Francqui Foundation. Barbara Baert decided to invite scholars, friends and artists who inspired her work and had considerable impact on her oeuvre for the 2018 Francqui colloquium The Right Moment: A Symposium on Kairotic Energies.







“The Greek term kairós expresses an idea of ‘grasping the right moment’, which travelled through art, literature, and philosophy. And even today, it is central to debates over, for example, time management. Combining perspectives from classical reception studies and iconology, this ongoing project at KU Leuven (2017-2021) is about the reception of kairós in the visual medium from antiquity to the Renaissance. How was the notion of kairós visualized in images throughout time, from antiquity to the early modern era? And more specifically, how did text and image work together to transform the notion of kairós in various contexts?”

The attending speakers from Belgium, Germany, France, Israel, Croatia, The Netherlands, Romania, The United Kingdom, The United States, and Switzerland have not only been selected on the basis of their interdisciplinary skills in the field; but equally because of their distinctive contribution to the method of iconology and visual anthropology. Many among them are key influencers on, among other things, the importance of the Humanities in terms of peace process work, ecology, and the relationship between Eastern and Western civilizations.

The symposium is open to all, but registration (by email at Stephanie Heremans – is mandatory. It will be held from Thursday 18 until Friday 19 October 2018, at the University Foundation (Egmontstraat 11, Brussels). Enclosed is the program, as well as the concept text and a list of participants of the colloquium The Right Moment: A Symposium on Kairotic Energies.

For an interview from the KU Leuven with Barbara Baert, click here.